The Plaza

This website, ( was created to help Businesses and Individuals in Raton New Mexico to Create, Explore, and Improve there Businesses and Lives, We call it The Plaza.

We have a sister website called that is used to promote Events, Businesses, Tourism, for the Greater Raton Area. We also have an e-news website called to provide news and information.

PennyRich International started this project in 2015 to provide a way for the greater Raton New Mexico area to Improve Economics, Communicate, Learn, and find Information. It was created for the community and the content is provided by the community. We appreciate your feedback If there is anything you would like to have added or changed please contact us.

We have volunteers called the “Roving Reporters” who will be keeping you updated on news and events in the town. We also have a group of volunteers called the “Raton Marketeers” whose purpose is to help the community promote, advertise and use the tools available in this project. Check the Events Calendars for what is happening in Raton, if you don’t see something listed contact one of the volunteers to get it put on the calendar. This calendar is also on some of the other websites in town. Contact us to see how you can have it on your website.

If you would like help, check out our volunteers.

The Purpose of The Plaza:

  • Be a resource to the community in Technology, Information, Education, Communication, Marketing, Business Development, and Personal Development
  • Provide tools and resources to the local community to “grow” in understanding, gain new insights, see new things, and apply them to our lives.
  • It is not intended to replace other Projects, Websites, and Organizations, but to Provide a Central Resource for the community of Raton and the surrounding area.
  • We have developing tools like the Community Events Calendar and Local Activities Calendar that can be used to have a central location for calendar events by all in the Raton and surrounding area. You can also have these calendars appear on your personal google calendar on your websites. Please contact us for information.
  • Membership to the Raton Virtual Community will give you access to the websites and the Google for Nonprofits apps and tools.
  • The website is maintained by local volunteers.
    • If you would like to become a volunteer please check out our volunteer section.
    • If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us.
  • Provide a no-cost or low-cost solution to individuals and businesses for Learning, Earning, and Growing in the Community.

We also provide a full set of tools from Google to help you in your business or personal life?

It is a living breathing entity and growing all the time, it is called the Google G Suite.

The Google G Suite Domain for Raton is a Google for Nonprofit Domain, sponsored by GrowRaton! (we call the Raton Virtual Community). This Domain was custom built and managed for Raton New Mexico by PennyRich International.

Below are some of the apps you can use in the Raton Virtual Community.

Google Chrome

Google Account



Google Play

Google Search


Pixel Phone

Google Maps

Google Drive


Google Photos


  • Blogger

  • Finance

  • Google Earth

  • Google Maps

  • Gmail

  • Google News

  • Picasa

  • Toolbar

  • Google Search

  • Calendar

  • Docs editors

  • Books

  • Groups

  • YouTube

  • Trends

  • Android

  • Sites

  • Google Chrome

  • Google Drive

  • Play Console

  • Google Voice

  • Chat

  • Google Translate

  • Fusion Tables

  • Chromebook

  • Google+

  • Google TV

  • Google Play

  • Google Cloud Print

  • My Maps

  • Chrome Web Store

  • Google Wallet

  • Google Flights

  • Zagat

  • Fiber

  • Nexus

  • Ads

  • Hangouts

  • Nik Collection

  • Google Express

  • Inbox by Gmail

  • Chromecast

  • Snapseed

  • One Today

  • Google Keep

  • Starbucks WiFi

  • Project Fi

  • Waze

  • Android Wear

  • Google Fit

  • Google Store

  • Chromecast built-in

  • Google Photos

  • Android Auto

  • Android TV

  • Waze Local

  • Google For Families

  • Google Camera

  • Google Wifi

  • Android Pay

  • Google Cardboard

  • Google Allo

  • Google Duo

  • Google Home

  • Pixel Phone

  • Opinion Rewards

  • Daydream

  • Google Assistant

  • CS First


  • AdWords Editor

  • G Suite Administrator

  • Books

  • Search Console

  • Custom Search

  • News

  • Ad Grants

  • AdWords

  • Google Cloud

  • DoubleClick Creative Solutions

  • AdSense

  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer

  • Map Content Partners

  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller

  • Translator Toolkit

  • Google Merchant Center

  • (Deprecated) Google Earth Enterprise

  • DoubleClick for Publishers

  • Analytics

  • Transit Partners

  • Global Market Finder

  • Nonprofits

  • DoubleClick Search

  • Chrome for business and education

  • Newsstand Producer

  • AdWords Express

  • Google Vault

  • (Deprecated) Maps Coordinate

  • Google My Business

  • Hotel Prices

  • DoubleClick Bid Manager

  • Google Search Appliance

  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager

  • Google Partners

  • Android Pay Merchant

  • Cloud Platform Console

  • Cultural Institute Platform

  • Display Specs

  • Feed Management

  • Android enterprise

  • Cloud Search

  • Cardboard Manufacturer

  • Card Issuer

  • Meet

  • Jamboard


  • AdMob

  • GDG

  • Google Web Designer

  • Cast Developer


  • Google payments center

and more……