Join the Raton Virtual Community

By Joining the Raton Virtual Community you will create a Google Domain Account managed by PennyRich International. You will have access to all the Google G Suits apps but you must follow the PennyRich International Terms and Conditions and the Google Terms and Conditions.

It is easy to Join, all you need to do is be 18 years old or older and live in the 87740 zip code. Just fill out the application below to see if you qualify.

Join the Raton NM Virtual Community
Your account log in and email will consist of your
If you have a common name we may need to use a nick name for your account log in.
We will send you your account and login information at this email address.
Please do not use PO Box for this area. We need to know that you live in the 87740 zip code area.
Please provide a phone number for us to contact you.
Please check all that are true.
To be a member of the Virtual Community you should be 18 years old and a resident of Raton New Mexico. If you are not this information will help us to know why you believe you should qualify.

If you are already a member you can Log into the Raton Virtual Community.