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We are here to help. If you want to contact us please use one of the following links. If you have a technical question try out the G Suite Learning Center below or email us.

  • You can visit our Frequently Ask Questions page by clicking here.
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Below are some other links you can try if you are needing help with the Apps in the Raton Virtual Community.

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Tech support can help you with a question on the websites,,, The Ratonian, and the Raton Virtual Community.

  • If you can not connect to the internet you need to contact your internet service provider.
  • If you are having problems with your computer you need to contact the place you purchased your computer or a computer repair tech.
  • If you are looking for a human to talk to you can call GrowRaton at (575) 245-4769 or tech support at (575) 404-1802.

You will be informed of any service charges before the service is performed.